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How To Add Your Business On Google ?


Adding business on Google is the most vital step to grow ones business digitally. In present times everything is moving online. Most transactions are done digitally so any business which have its digital reach strong is likely to stay and survive for long time in the nearby future. You can contact to’s specialist to add your business in Google easily. For more info, whatsapp us at 91-8955519549 or skype us at reliableseoservicess. In the post, we are talking about how to add business on Google -


How to add your business on Google ?

1. Go to Google maps

2. Search your business and select the right one

3. If your business is already added on Google and someone else has done it you can claim the ownership.


How to claim the ownership of your business?

1. Open maps

2. Open and select your business

3. Click on Claim the business and I own or manage this business

4. Select and verify the business


If your business is not added on Google maps than follow these steps on How to add my business on Google?

1. Open google maps

2. Select add your business option

3. Search your business, Add business name

4. Add business category

5. Select yes or no for Add location so that customer can visit the place

6. Add Address

7. Select if you provide home deliveries of goods

8. Add the areas where you serve

9. Add contact number and website url

10. Verify using text or call and select the language for call


Benefits of adding Business on Google –

1. Free promotion

2. Quick decision making based on reviews and ratings done by customers

3. Helps to reach at the location through maps easily

4. Helps in identifying the best options available for them while making a purchase

5. Helps in understanding the concern of client by checking the searched keywords related to your business

With these steps you can easily add your business on Google. It will help you to connect with local clients and improve the performance of your business. You can also showcase the reviews and ratings done by customers on your Google Business Profile. These ratings helps the customers decide the best business for them. Listing and adding the business on Google is a free service. So it is advised to get on the process of adding the business on Google as early as possible. No business would miss this opportunity. Also if you want us to add your business on Google or want consultation then simply connect with us via Skype at reliableseoservicess or Whatsapp at 91-8955519549. We are a leading SEO Digital Marketing Service Provider with 8+ years’ experience. Our services are in affordable prices.

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