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How Do I Get My Business To Show Up On Search Engines ?


The best way to get your business to show up on search engines is by using SEO. There are other ways too but using SEO is the most recommended method to show up on search engines. It helps pages to rank easily and reach a number of audience.

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What is SEO ?

Search engine optimisation also known as SEO is a process used by google which helps in indexing the websites to Search engines result pages ( SERPs ). By optimising the website, it becomes easier for people to find out what they search for. This helps the business to show up on search engines and rank among the competing websites.  

There are many ways of using SEO. And if anyone ends up using a lot of keywords to show up on search engines, google considers it as a black hat SEO practice and it removes the website for further use. So it is very important to study and understand SEO and then apply it correctly to  your content so that you get the business to show up on search engines.


What are the basics of SEO ?

The basic of SEO include using keywords, posting quality and unique content, improving the speed of the page and adding backlinks to competitive sites. These are some of the ways which helps in optimising your website in a better way. This ultimately helps the business to show up on search engines.


Other ways to show up business on search engines include  –

1. Google ads – Google ads is a paid advertising option which helps in promoting a website on Google through Ads. The ads are shown mostly to similar pages or to all pages depending upon the type of advertising campaign option we chose for.

2. Organic search – If you use good keywords and write unique content your website will automatically start getting indexed by Google search .

3. Social media optimisation – This is again a very powerful method to promote your content among your community with the help of platform like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. These social media platforms helps in reaching a wide audience and invite reach to blog. The more people visit the blog, the more are the chances of business to show up on search engines.


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