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Benefits of Black Tea

If you're in the West, you 're most likely currently drinking or consuming black tea at some point. Ninety per cent of this western-sold product is black tea. If you're a consumer, a drinker, or you're considering becoming a black tea drinker, you 'd most likely want to know what your benefits are. In this article we'll answer the "What are the benefits of black tea?" question.

Top Black Tea Benefits:

Bone & Connective Tissue

Skin & Hair Health

Immune System Boost

Oral Health

Digestive Tract Health

Brain & Nervous System

Increased Energy

Cardio Health

Prevention of Cancer

We 're going to take a closer look at some of the advantages so you can appreciate how much it can improve your wellbeing. While in this article we can not go into all of these great advantages of black tea, the information below will help you see what the possibilities are. Buy Tea In Bulk

Cardio Health:

Since this drug is abundant in antioxidants such as flavonoids which have been proven to prevent LDL cholesterol oxidation, it can help prevent damage in the bloodstream and artery walls. That helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. Organic Tea Wholesale

It also increases coronary vasodilatation, and clots are reduced. The polyphenols contained in teas are strong antioxidants, and manganese can reduce coronary heart disease danger. This is done by aiding the functioning of cardiac muscles.

Brain & Nervous System:

The small amounts of caffeine in black tea have shown to stimulate blood flow in the brain but without activating the heart too much. It also helps with the concentration and mental focus. The L-theanine amino acid can help both in relaxation and concentration. Wholesale Bulk Tea

You may also find the cortisol level is lower after a month of drinking four cups of it a day. Cortisol is a Hormone of Stress. It has also documented memory improvements as well as potential defense against Parkinson's disease.

Prevention of Cancer:

The polyphenols in black tea help prevent possible carcinogens from developing in the body. The majority of studies have shown that breast, prostate , lung, bowel, and colorectal cancer are beneficial. Some studies also say that it can help with stomach and breast cancer.

There is a compound named TF-2 in black tea that causes cancer cells to enter apoptosis. Apoptosis is the cell death programmed for. You don't have to worry about your other cells, because they are not going to be affected.

These great benefits are enough to excite anyone to drink this natural weight-loss product. Millions of cups of black tea are drunk all over the world and that will continue to be the case as time goes forward so why not incorporate some of the health benefits of this natural health boost into your diet and start seeing better results?

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