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Same Day Tour to Dilwalon Ki Delhi

India's capital and popularly known as India's 'Heart,' Delhi is the country's second largest metropolis. Looking away it is a city that never sleeps. But when you see it closely, you will find that Delhi still boasts millions of dreams and a destiny for the globetrotters. The city is commonly recognized as India's capital for its importance, but it also has many secret attractions. A tour to Delhi on the same day will put you close to those attractions without taking up much time.

Lacking an uncountable tourist destination, you've got enough spots to include on your one-day journey. Delhi is now India's fastest-developing city but it also has centuries-old glory. If you begin to explore Delhi's historic beauty, start with the Red Fort, the place that defines India's Republic. The huge fort, built of red stone, is the emblem of the town and retains the glory of hoisting the National Flag on Independence Day and Republic Day. It is also the location from which India's prime minister and president address the world. Indeed, it's seen many leaders standing tall with it, and it's led up in pride by the fort.

Other attractions in Delhi that you can explore on your day-trip are Qutab Minar, Jantar Mantar, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, 7-Racecourse, Birla Mandir, Chattarpur Mandir, Lotus Temple, Kalka Mandir, and many more that carry their historical and religious significance. There is no need to mention the name of such monuments as this will make your journey a short one. The entire town is in itself a treat. Start from any point in Delhi and you'll find something hypnotic.

If you're a shopaholic Delhi will disappoint you. For those who don't know the right place to shop, the town can be incredibly costly. But if you have any idea about that, you can still buy quantity in little money with price. Chandni Chowk is the best place for those who want to go shopping without having to make a hole in their wallet. This market is offering anything in every possible range. Some popular places to buy from are South Ex, Connaught Place and Saket too. Within your single day trip, it won't be possible for you to visit all these places, so I'd recommend that you go to Chandni Chowk where you can buy virtually anything from clothing, jewelry, fashion, household and much more.

Delhi is also well-known for its fast food. In reality, if you have not tasted Delhi's fast food, your journey wouldn't be complete. The city's streets are still busy with those delicious items. In the city's luxury hotels situated at every corner of Delhi, you can appreciate the uber-rich culture along with that.

So when you schedule a trip to Delhi the same day, make a list of things to do next time. You'll have to be very careful, because you can't visit this city in a single day or two.

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