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Things to Keep in Mind While Travelling to Manali

1. Attach with the Team: You could all wander around the hills sound really attractive. But, this is also making you an easy target. Getting your friends around would mean that no one is keeping an eye on you. Users often deprive visitors of their money. They work in groups of 3 to 5, and one person is having trouble handling them.

2. Luggage:

Make sure you keep an eye on your luggage always. This is because there have been several times when drugs were planted on the visitors.

3. Interact Carefully:

Locals are very friendly and warm to the visitors. There are also many foreigners who have lived in Manali for years.

4. Plan Journey in Advance:

Make sure you booked your hotel and tour guide in advance, so at the last minute you wouldn't have been left in the lurch. Why this is relevant is that there have been instances where visitors who came without any reservations were taken to a solitary spot under the pretext of getting them a hotel and then robbed.

5. Off Places:

It that sound a little contradictory because Manali is all about finding the unexplored. Still, make sure you go where you are. In the name of adventure being lost in the forest is nothing but absolute carelessness.

Even if you want to go out alone somewhere, always make sure that you tell someone about your whereabouts and keep important telephone numbers handy so that help gets to you in time if necessary. So if you are planning to visit Manali then off course a good budget accommodation will be required to stay. You can stay at Moustache Hostel Manali. It is the best hostel in Manali to stay.

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