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Things to Do in Rishikesh

If you were to find yourself in Rishikesh on a bright Sunday morning, soaking up the charms of a picturesque temple town, adventure in the secret nooks of river cliffs and deep woods, a day full of exciting dangers and prayers - Rishikesh really sets off one's imaginations! And it's also a doable sight.

Water Rafting:

The Ganga river flows down from its glacial heights, into the plains at Rishikesh's very juncture. Innumerable rapids line down the slope, creating a bumpy downhill journey. Tossing and turning on the wild waves, being completely in the hands of the power of the river when you sail on a rubber boat, is an incomparable thrill.

You're going to be in for a heart-thumping ride, all but free, under the guidance of a master rafter. When the river is wilder, summers are the best time and also the first part of monsoon.

Flying Fox:

Rishikesh features several places out of the world where adventure comes true with a sweep down the slopes. Step up the risqué as you leap cliffs and free fall into a bungee, or float through the valley on a Flying Fox and Swing belt.

It's a true intense play that allows you to experience cutthroat pace, an acrophobic high, and an incredible gravity pull. The mind comes out of its daze in those split minutes of experiencing the rush, and it continues to see it as it is. There's just you above, a gray sky and the world below.

Although the biggest game is to face your fear, when you take up the challenge, don't be reckless about sacrificing health. To participate in these daredevil events you will meet a certain standard of fitness requirements.


Yoga is not everybody's fancy but it's safe to say that this generation needs the meditative grace of yoga to be, fighting day in and day out in an atmosphere of non-compassion of modern lifestyle. And where but in Yoga's World Capital are you going to find better coaches to guide you on the path to peace?

In some of the best-reviewed schools in the yoga area, pick weekly yoga-meditation retreats or drop-in classes on an hourly basis, depending on your stay days.

Open yourself up to the universe's good vibes, pause the chatter of your mind, and enter a world of calm with meditation. Make yourself healthy and happy, explore the various styles and tones of yoga lessons offered here.

Yoga in Rishikesh in every other part of the world appears to be a far cry from yoga. The courses are more interested in philosophical studies and a whole range of discipline-appropriate lifestyle choices, the best festivals taking yoga luminaries from all over the world happen in this area, and then the magnetic good vibes of the holy place itself.

Ganga Aarti:

One avenue in the way of life of yoga is the bhakti marga or dedication, the manifestations you can find abundant in this old temple town. The most remarkable of these is the celebration of the Ganga Aarti performed every evening along the holy river ghats.

Light-bearing worshippers sing the hymns of the river goddess as the sun falls into the sea, setting the sky on fire. The deep sonorous melody induces a trance-like state for those listening, rendering Rishikesh, more than anything else, a spirit experience.

Mountain Terrain:

Mountain lovers know no other way than through Rishikesh to reach the hallowed Garhwal Himalayas terrains. Adding a couple more days to your weekend of Rishikesh, you can make a snowline trek happen.

In Rishikesh you can meet exclusive trekking and travel facilitators who can set you up with a party heading to the mountain tops. There are peak climbs as feasible as the Nag Tibba, only 9,914 feet high at Rishikesh's vicinity. Come winter, even parts of the mountains as small as this, turn into a wonderland of ice, blanketed with never-ending snow!

Lakshman Jhula:

Laxman Jhula is a great photo hanging bridge across the width of the river, on both banks where you can visit vibrant markets. From beautiful incense and scented candles to ethnic and bohemian clothing, and hand-woven textiles decorated with fine thread work, this bazaar is a treasure search.

Night Camping:

Nothing is more unforgettable on a Sunday than a night camping under the stars? Gather the best of your men and set out to the riverside. Pick from standard to deluxe tents in a camping trip organizer and get ready for a fun night out.

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