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Some Lesser Known Ideal Tourist Places

Jaipur is a city much loved by world people. This town is frequently visited by many people from different countries to enrich their cultural understanding of the region. No trip to India is considered complete without including this beautiful area. Some of the city's monuments are worldwide very famous such as Amber Fort, Jaigadh Fort etc. Yet there are many places that may not be so famous but still beautiful. Let's know about the city's least visited and hardly tourist-known places:

Sisodia Rani ka Bagh:

The rulers of the Rajput were as romantic as the chivalrous ones. As they fought their sword leaped like a cobra, ready to devor the enemies, but their tender feelings could also melt the rocks as they loved their queens. That chivalry and romance is now part of history, but the timeless evidence of that pure love can still be seen. One such evidence is Sisodia rani Garden. Mahraja Jai Singh designed the garden for her pretty queen Rani Sisodia Jai Singh whom he loved from the depths of his heart. It is situated on highway Jaipur-Agra. Naturally, the beautiful garden attracted the queen, and soon became her favorite getaway. Besides her many other royal ladies visited the garden as well. So make sure they had unlimited fun that we were not confined by the Purdah system rules, men's entry was prohibited. The "symbol of true love" correctly houses numerous artistic representations of Lord Krishna and Radha who are considered eternal lovers. Galleries, pavilions and designer fountains further embellish the garden. When visiting the garden one can still feel the love in the breeze.

Central Park:

With a 5 km walking route, central park is one of Pink City's largest parks, but it's not just about the area. The Park is also renowned for its well-managed layout and ever growing greenery. The park is one of the jogger's favorite parks and it's not unusual to spot who's who among Jaipur's most prominent figures in the field of politics, arts and industry. The park also houses two of the city's most famous sports establishments: Rambagh Polo Ground and Rambagh Golf Club. The garden contains many trees and plants renowned for their fruit, flowers and medicinal use. Your vision will never be short of green sight, right from gorgeous flower plants to sky-piercing grand old trees. The trees are beautifully inhabited by different colored birds. Besides popular birds like sparrow and pigeon, a number of unusual species can also be found. A major national flag in the center of the park with an effortless 206 foot long mast attracts the media. There's no other flag higher in the country than this.


In ancient India stepping wells were highly common. In rainy season, they acted as water reservoirs when drying up in summers; these step wells were used as summer retreats. Abhaneri is one of those places just off the road. The area is renowned for its fountains of steps. One can see here a large number of step wells that immediately take Rajputs to the royal age. The area is far from being modernised, and here you will not find nagging tour guides, noisy visitors or hawking shopkeepers. When visiting these beautifully built step wells, it is a perfect place to enjoy the serenity.

Raj Mandir:

There was one time when the cinema halls were the most visited places for family and friends to spend some time with. Things have changed and lots of multiplexes have come into being. These multiplexes have everything that an audience can ask for but they lack the elegance and grandeur of old cinema halls in the country. Raj Mandir is one such cine hall that refuses to enter his old companions who have restricted their mention to the history books. Many visitors visit the cinema hall until today and it is maybe the only cinema hall where people do not come to watch films but to see the cinema hall. It was built in 1979 and can accommodate an audience of as many as 1300. The cinema hall is strategically designed to appealingly reflect this city's traditions. The cinema hall is rightly called the King of Indian cinema halls, with zigzag seating arrangement, well embellished ceiling that seems to be inspired by palaces and spacious sitting area. Thanks to numerous cafeterias offering sumptuous food, one can have mouth watering Rajasthani cuisines inside the cinema hall.

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