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Beauty of Pin Paravti Trek

Each trek looks up to heavenly gods to bless them with good climate before they reach the mountain peaks. During much of the year, the snow covered mountain pass is practically out of reach but because the sun shines at its highest in the months of June to October, then most climbers choose to go to the trek in these months as well. Although the sun shines bright and high Adventures at Pin Parvati Pass makes your every moment beautiful.

On the basis of fitness and previous trekking experience the path to Pin Parvati Pass is determined. It is also based on the trekker to evaluate themselves and see which of the two routes is better suited.

One alternative could be to cross the Pin Parvati high altitude pass while trekking on steep terrain from Kullu to Spiti Valley. The entire trek is 9 days where five days are spent on foot and thus it takes a lot of strength and fitness. Adventures experts accompany trekkers during the entire trekking journey and advise them on completing this tiring trek successfully. Veteran trekkers have said describing this trek as the ultimate adventure and trekking recipe. It provides challenging climbs, paths through lush green meadows, white water crossings and camping between Pin Parvati's snow-covered landscape at an altitude of 5300M.

For all those who prefer to avoid the experience of high-octane trekking, the best choice is to take the less challenging route and reach the base camp at Pin Parvati. The trek to Pin Parvati will take you via the Mantalai mountains, which is considered a trek suitable for moderate-level climbers.

It is an eight-day trek which will have a height of max 4450 m. Adventures also looks up to the trekkers who have enough trekking experience to come back and try to scal up Pin Parvati Pass heights.

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