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Why do you choose a dorm for students?

Pillows –check it out. Blankets-check it out. Lamps, slippers and shelves-check. Nutrition of emergency-check. The list continues...... It's quite a big deal for most of us to leave home and move into student accommodation. While many students will start living at home, and some take the leap straight to private renting, a large number of first-years end up in university accommodation–the dorm of the student.

Here are some of the benefits of living in a dorm ...

1. Friends: Making friends becomes simpler when everyone stays in housing for the students. Everyone at the beginning of the year will be anxious, eager and ready to mingle, so you can take advantage of the friendly atmosphere and make some close bonds by staying in a student dorm. Many dorms also consist of mostly international students, so if you want to make friends from around the world, that's an added bonus!

2. Accomodation: Apart from providing more opportunities to make friends, staying in a student dorm can also be useful when it comes to learning. Still at 3 am and need to talk about tomorrow's exam to someone else–see who else still has their light on! Need a specific book which you couldn't find in the library? Post a note to the notice board to see if anybody has a copy in your house.

3. Classes: Living in a student's dorm means that you can set your alarm later in the morning, as student accommodation is usually located very close to the main university campus. You may even have classes and services in the same building or group of buildings in some situations.

4. Freedom: Live alone or with a roommate is quite different from living at home. Many of us, including myself, grew up unable to do too many household chores, repairs or bill payments. So if your choice is between staying at home or sleeping in a student's dormitory, the latter is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to be less reliant on your family, without being totally alone!

So, to sleep with a student or not to sleep with a student? That's the problem and it's not a tough one. I will strongly recommend that students experience living in a house, at least once in the next three or so years of their university life. Besides the practical benefits, this is mainly just a lot of fun!

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