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What Benefits does Co-Living offer?

You're talking about living together, but you're not sure where to start?  Let's talk on that! You may have been traveling the world as a digital nomad or just started a new remote work gig.  Wherever you are in the process, co-living is a term which is gaining global momentum.

Whether you're ready to dive into a co-living space or not, let's compile some co-living advantages here at Live Anywhere to help them see if it's the right choice. Take a look at some of the co-living benefits. Will supply you and those you end up with.


Some would see community as co-living's greatest benefit. Anyone who's been on the road solo for as little as a few months will tell you how hard it can be to make a relationship of any kind. Yes, you can find a spotty WIFI co-working space, or a coffee shop. Sharing a office space is different from building relationships with your fellow co-living members and creating memories.

Co-living helps those with the ability to work anywhere to move and to build relationships with other digital nomads in the same situation as yourself.  While roommates can always have their ups and downs, at least now you have a group of people where you can share your previous experience of the digital nomad. Not only that, but now with your new roommates you are able to make more memories (good or bad).

Many such shared housing spaces will also offer some monthly events such as movie nights, barbecues, and game nights. Some will even offer nights of work or challenges where you'll talk about any work issues you need to push through. Such gatherings are perfect for getting to know your cohabitants in informal settings and laying a basis for developing your relationship. Although such maybe "scheduled" nights for your space, you can certainly set up similar events without them.

Security vs. cooperation – both :

Also if you'd find yourself an introvert, co-living can always handle your hesitations or anxieties for strangers to move in with. Some of the co-living spaces feature furnished rooms with private bathrooms to give you the option of getting a private space.

It includes your own room, as well as your own private bathroom. After a long day's work you may need a break from you. You just want to see what you're looking? No problem, most of the spaces covered it for you.

Compared to co-working, co-living also gives you the opportunity to collaborate with others on a regular basis.  You may be working a forty hour week but most remote workers are working outside the 9-5 time frame. This means you might still have to do some work, even if you're not in your co-work space or after the coffee shop is closed.

Co-living helps you to bounce off ideas from others late at night, or as soon as you wake up all day hours in the morning. Not that we'd encourage a homemate to wake up to ask them a question (trust us), but living with others obviously gives you access to more conversations and sometimes you're more creative later in the night or on a more flexible schedule early in the morning than traditional offices would allow.

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