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Reasons to stay in a Dorm

One of the most critical college experiences is staying in a dorm— at least for a year. Indeed many college students consider the dorm facilities are suitable for a variety of reasons beyond the freshman year. If you go to college the following eight factors are just a few advantages of staying in a dorm.

Converge Peoples: 

One of the best reasons to live in a dorm during the first few years of college is to meet a lot of new people. You will discover a myriad of personalities in the dorm— some pleasant, some not, but simply by living among other college students, you will build your network of acquaintances and enrich your life with many new friends.

Fresh Atmosphere:

One of the best reasons to stay in a dormitory: someone else cleans the toilets! While keeping your dorm room clean is your responsibility, in most cases the university staff will make sure that the bathroom and common areas are well-tended and sanitized. You have to pass math class, after all! You don't have time to make toilets clean.


Colleges and universities have made a great deal of effort to maintain the safety and security of dormitories. Of course most parents find this aspect of college quite comfortable. Unfortunately, living off campus doesn't typically afford the same level of safety. Most colleges even have surveillance cameras that run for added security around the dorms.

Electronically Optimized:

Wi-Fi and cable are available at the dorms today. You would probably have to pay for these facilities and their implementation if you stay off-campus. You'll simply enjoy more bandwidth by staying in a dorm and have the internet access you need to work on the coursework and connect with your family and friends back home. Although this bandwidth is likely to be charged, it is bundled into the expense of the apartment, and you won't be faced with different and more costly internet access bills.


One great reason to stay in a dormitory is that it's usually situated on or near the campus. If you live on campus, you don't have to think about housing, and you can quickly get to class on time. Living near other university buildings such as the library, recreation center, and computer labs, is also convenient.


A lot of students who attend college have never before lived alone. Life in a dormitory becomes a welcoming transition to adult life. You'll also have to obey a roommate and certain dorm rules. Rather than living completely independently, the dorm with its resident advisors (RAs), counselors, and other helpful staff provides a great nurturing environment.


Most dorms and dorm floors take part in different activities that help students get to know others and enjoy social aspects of college life. An engaging staff really knows how to make kids feel right at home in college.

Don’t have to worry about moving: 

You don't have to think about moving a bed, sofa, or other furnishings that can be difficult to bring when you stay in a dorm. Alternatively, you can easily pack your trunk of clothes and books and get to school on your merry way. Those are of course just a few reasons why you might want to hang your hat in a dorm room. When you move of, you'll like to explore many other opportunities in dormant living.

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