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Advantages of Staying in a Dorm

At some point in our lives some of us might have had the experience of living in a dormitory. Whereas for some, including me, the thought of sharing a bedroom with strangers would cringe. My privacy goes in there! And how safe would those dorms be? You may say that I am a skeptic, I prefer having my own bedroom and toilet when I move to a foreign country. The downside is the expensive price tag that accompanies these hotel rooms.

For those traveling on a tighter budget, hostels, motels and guesthouses are the next best option. You will spend most of the day walking and enjoying the region, after all. Essentially, the space is for you to catch some winks and watch.

I have to admit that dorms and hostels at a more competitive price do just that. All those savings could be put to better use in getting the rare trinket in town.

Choosing the right dorm is the key to having peace of mind while enjoying your country holiday. A dorm with good housekeeping and a reputable security system should be the primary deciding factor when choosing an accommodation, a great location is an additional bonus!

It's often the 2-bed and 4-bed spaces that are the first to be filled in. For some reason, most travelers prefer the smaller quarters. For me, since I'm going to share a room with 3 other people, I might as well be sharing a room in a bigger dorm with 7 or 11 or even 19 others. So why not save a few bucks and open your chances to meet other like-minded travelers along the way?

Most of the dorms have a house kitchen, a pool table and a common area where you can mingle and socialize with other backpackers. This will be the easiest way to make friends on your journey, as a solo traveler. More often than not, you'll meet someone in some part of the country who wants to go for a drink or a day trip. I've had friends rave about the interesting people they've met on their journeys, and some are still in touch. Another good feature about dorms is that most of the time the rates are breakfast inclusive and you could usually book the bed for a longer stay. It helps you to explore the country without incurring budget bust. Many hostels also provides dorms stay, like Moustache Hostel. Hostels provide dorms in AC, Non AC, Mixed Dorm, Single Dorm and more.

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