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Advantages of Live in a Triple Dormitory Room

Fresh college year, many people get stuck in a triple dormitory bed. Sharing a small living space with two other people sounds terrible, but this living situation includes many good things! Here's a list of some benefits of live in triple dorm.

1. It's less expensive!: 

One way to save some money is to stay in a triple while at work. Even though the price difference between a double and triple is just a few hundred, it is still something. This could be paying for tuition or extra costs. Save as much money as you can and it actually adds up.

2. Friends: 

It's hard to make friends when you start fresh but if you're sharing a room, you've got someone to hang out with. Yet you have TWO mates in a quad! At first, I wasn't lonely, because I had two friends at once. It worked particularly well for me, as I became friends with their friends while my roommates made friends. It is a good way to reach out and meet other people that you wouldn't necessarily know if it wasn't for your roommates.

3. It will help you to figure out things: This applies mostly to fresheners who are still adjusting to college life. No one really knows what happens when they start college for the first time, but when you have two other people to help you figure things out, this makes it a little less scary.

4. Share: Dorm necessities like a refrigerator, microwave, broom, cleaning supplies, and more can be shared between you and your roomies, so you won't have to carry it all. When you run out, you have access to two other wardrobes (if they are willing to let you borrow things) and snacks from others. I already lent a shirt to one roommate, eaten granola from another roommate, and borrowed their key from the room when I left mine. In this sense, the roommates can be great resources.

5. Your Own Life: Living with humans brings you really similar. I feel like I know my roommates better than some of the people with whom I went to high school. Your roommates become like friends and you interact with them in great ways. You are all building a diverse family. You break the tasks like taking the trash out, saying good morning and good night, and you're part of their everyday lives. This may be just me, but if I don't see my roommates all day long, I'll start missing them. Not everybody gets along with their roommates, but this can be a great experience if you do. Make the most of your situation and take the chance to be close friends with your little "family".

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