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10 Space-Saving, Trendy Dorm Room Ideas

Decorating a small bedroom poses specific challenges — particularly when you're there to sleep, study, entertain and relax. Add a roommate and may increase these challenges exponentially.

In the not-too-distant past, the designs of the dorm room for decoration were confined to not much more than posters, bean-bag chairs and a book shelf (and, of course, ramen). But students at today's tech-savvy, eco-savvy and design-savvy college naturally want their dorm room to reflect their sensitivity to design.

Here are 10 suggestions for styling your school room in dormitory:

1. Create space to lift your bed:

Most of the dorm rooms have loft bed space. Take advantage of high ceilings by raising the loft-style of your bed; this gives you a large amount of space under your bed.

The possibilities are almost infinite for that newfound space. Want to make it a nice lounging area? A desk & storage workspace? If you're both lofting your beds with your roommate, your room will be twice as large.

Don't forget to put up a little room so you don't always go down to answer your phone or get a glass of water.

2. If you are unable to loft, lift:

The bulk of sleeping quarters are on the smaller side. If you can't loft your bed to obtain some extra space, try lifting it using bed risers. Those few extra inches of storage space can make an enormous difference when you live in one house.

Try repurposing old dresser drawers by attaching wheels to the bottom and slipping them under the bed for a secret, organized storage. Find some cheap fabric or extra long bedskirt to keep your things out of sight and make your bed look smooth.

3. Customize your Room of Dorm:

The furniture probably went back to a traditional arrangement when your room was cleaned in the summertime. Don't be afraid to rearrange it; try to put together two desks, move the dressers into a new configuration or place your bed by the window.

Consider covering the accent wall with some adhesive wallpaper or using it to cover your dresser drawers. Additionally, mirrors are a great way to give a sense of space and light in your house, so you can cover one wall with framed mirrors. Opt for decorative peel-and-stick mirrors if you can't put holes in the walls.

If you have somewhere off-campus to store your utilitarian dorm furniture securely (and your college doesn't mind), substitute those needless or unused objects with things you love. Just make sure to return the property for the school at the end of the year.

4. Furniture: Small spaces face several major challenges. First and foremost: How do you create room for all? Asking more about your furniture is one of the easiest ways to solve this problem.

A small table for your entertaining room is fine — but three times better is a pouf which can be used as a table, bench or ottoman. Hidden Storage Ottomans are another great option.

Your furniture must be capable of serving more than one purpose in your house. Even turning your dresser's top into a vanity can save space and make your dorm room user-friendlier.

5. Coordinate: Remember we said teamwork, not match. While some roommates may want to make their dorm room look like a Freshome update, don't feel like you've got to go that far (although more power if you're going to).

When moving in, make a plan with your roommate to prevent things from clashing. Choose a color palette that fits in a small space well together, but encourages each of you to express your own personality. Solid-colored bedding offers plenty of coordinating options.

If both of you need your designs to match, forego purchasing your comforters, pillows, curtains and similar furnishings until you get to school so you can pick them out together.

6. Wall Art: The sleeping quarters have their limitations; you can't usually paint or nail stuff on the walls. But that doesn't mean you're being forced to look at those boring white walls for one year. There are plenty of options to add wall art to your dorm room, which can be quickly and easily removed at school year end.

Temporary wall decals come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and images. Make custom art if you don't find anything that inspires you; clip Instagram pics on a clothesline supported by removable hooks or wooden clothespins; or hang a large piece of decorative fabric on a tension rod to make a wall function.

7. Well Managed: Nothing is more than cluttering a space. Keeping your items off will not only make your mom proud but will also make your room feel bigger. Use baskets, trays, bins or boxes to give your belongings a home; storage can be cute and functional while not detracting from the design of your room.

Take advantage of unused spaces by hanging shoe organizers in the wardrobe and hooks over the closet doors, to keep your shoes protected and organized. Don't forget to welcome the bed and desk space underneath.

8. Lighting: It is possible that one fluorescent overhead fixture will form the lighting in your dorm room. Many dormitory rooms offer only that and a small window; some may have the luxury of a utilitarian desk lamp added.

If that overhead fixture is the only source of light that you have, you will have to supplement it. You won't be able to keep this while your roommate sleeps, no matter how much you need to study.

Get a practical and beautiful desk lamp or simply add elegance to the space for your after-hours use. And consider switching the light bulb overhead to a lower wattage to bathe your room in a more inviting sun.

9. Well Managed Bed: Your dormitory room is your place to recharge your college life's demands and your bed is a key part of that. It is vital to know how to make it a retreat amidst all the activity.

In most schools, extra-long twin mattresses are common bed sizes. Get comfy sheets but don't spend too much, because after your schooling you probably won't need that size. You might want to splurge on your comforter though; a larger, good-quality one will last for years and can be used after moving out of the dorm.

Consider adding a stylish throw to help protect your bedding if your bed is also a seating area. A full-enclosure mattress pad is also a good idea when it comes to protection. Add pillows to make the space more lively, and your bed will become the sanctuary you need.

10. Recall Why You Are There: College can be fun, but don't lose sight of the real reason you're out there. Your dorm room needs to be a structured, comfortable space where you can study and work — but not dull.

Through adding some quirky desk gadgets, trendy storage units or a comfortable chair, make these all-night bearable.

While decorating with these dorm room designs, the most important factors to consider are purpose and personality. You have limited space, so you need to make your design choices smart — but don't forget to have some fun. Your dorm room is your new home; make sure your personality in your choices is shining through.

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