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Your Guide to Places in India for a Moonsoon holiday

Monsoon is year's best season. India is a country that depends heavily on its economy's agriculture. Monsoons are pretty long in India, four months is long. Next, the monsoon winds strike the country's west coast, usually around May 31. The whole western coast is struck by the monsoon by the second week of June. It leads to severe rainfall. Seasons don't gradually change in India, it happens in one case. Therefore, when the land receives its first rain, the environment should cool down to form an atmosphere of pleasure.

Apart from the pleasant atmosphere and soothing weather, the other explanation for holidays during the monsoon is that in the month of July there are no proclaimed holidays. There's just just one holiday in June, i.e. Eid al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan's holy month. Eid al-Fitr doesn't necessarily happen in June, it depends on the lunar calendar.

We have a short list of places in this article that are ideal for monsoon holidays. Many locations are ready for a weekend getaway and some need a mini holiday. None of this list's places need more than four days.

1. Munnar in Kerala:

This site is also known as the South Kashmir. A breathtaking Western Ghats hill station with a view that can kill your soul in a look or give you a thrill for a lifetime. Lush green mountains and stunning tea groves. This picturesque destination's altitude is 1532 meters above sea level. A destination that offers a view of the heaven to the visitors. Cloud filled hills, exotic tea plantations, city-wide tea cafes and a shopping market, that is to say no less than an authentic bazaar.

How to get there: being a hill station, so there is no direct connection via rail or air above sea level.

  • By Air: Kochi is the closest airport. Munnar is 110 km from Kochi International Airport.

  • Through Rail: The closest railway stations are 140 km from the exotic hill station at an equal distance, Ernakulam & Aluva railway stations.

  • Through Road: To get to Munnar from the railway station or airport, you can use a prepaid taxi or on-hire taxi.

Visiting places: Munnar is renowned for its excellent scenery and environment. The town is well kept, tidy and smooth. There are a few hiccups in the city that you don't have, but there are plenty of places in the city and surrounding places that can take away your breath. The places to see are the following:

  • Tea Plantations: Munnar is renowned for tea plantations and fresh tea production. The tea leaves are colored green with a shiny dew on the bottom, making it difficult to overlook. This image does not require a real camera, only the beauty and memory of the human eye are enough to capture it.

  • The Green Carpet: The green carpet is nothing more than the view from a distance of tea plantations. The hill appears to be covered by a green carpet. For all the tourists, those who visit during the blooming season, a place of interest.

  • Rose Garden: Munnar's Rose Garden is an extensive preserved man-made ecosystem. A garden devoted to all rose styles and colors. The sweet aroma with some naughty pollens in the air gives a requisite euphoria on a monsoon vacation.

  • Lockhart Tea Plantation & Museum: One of Munnar's biggest and most exquisite tea plantations. Hugh tea variety is produced annually. Lush green tea gardens that attract and bring peace to the evil. One of the most popular places to visit in the region is the Lockhart Tea Museum. A museum dedicated to all kinds of tea produced by tea plants from Lockhart and around the world. Here you can find some of the most exotic and mysterious teas.

  • Munnar Tea Museum: Very similar to Lockhart Tea Museum, but from all over Munnar this museum has tea. This museum holds the finest collection of rare tea. The tea museum has a cafeteria that serves one of the country's finest teas. Every kind of tea can be found here, from local tea to international teas.

Things to do: for all visitors, the place is perfect. Couples around them can find peace and romantic atmosphere. In the heart of nature, people can relax, refresh and rejuvenate. This location is perfect for backpackers, offering them all the necessities such as nature, hills, a small town, market place and delicious local food. Families will enjoy sight-seeing and leisure time.

Best time of the year to visit: the best months of the year to visit Munnar are June and July. It's considered off-season technically. Because of fewer tourists and a chilly yet humid atmosphere, visiting is the best time.

Ideal for: Couples, Families and Backpackers.

2. Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya: Cherrapunjee is a city in the Meghalaya Indian state. This city is the wettest place on the planet, experiencing an annual rainfall of over 150 inches. Cherrapunjee is a joy in the warmth of nature for those who love to spend their time. Continuous rainfall, quiet surroundings, and no world concerns. Cherrapunjee is an ideal spot for a getaway.

  • How to reach: Construction of transportation facilities in the wetest place is difficult for the government.

  • By Air: Umroi Airport (91 km) is the nearest airport with only Kolkata flights, making it expensive and less frequent. The airport of Guwahati is 181 km away. Taxi from the Paltan Bazaar can be employed.

  • Through Rail: Guwahati is the closest railway station-181 km away.

  • By Road: It is possible to board a bus from Sohra Bus Stand in Bara Bazaar, Shillong city.

Locations to visit:
Double Decker Living Root Bridge: The Khasi rainforest tribe of Cherrapunjee used the resources of nature in an efficient manner. The roots of gum trees (found only in the north-east) have been redirected to build a bridge over rivers. The trees are still alive, and horizontally the roots continue to grow.

Several trees, one over the other, have double bridges. Watching that there is excellent engineering using hand tools and nature, even in the wild, is a pleasure.

  • Mawsmai Cave: This location is what you call a classic tourist attraction, a large opening mouth of the cave, dim light coming into the cave through some ruptured rocks and natural rock formations resulting from underground water channels and natural abrasion.

  • Seven Sisters fall: The fall of seven Sisters is a treat for fans of waterfalls. An impressive array with seven waterfalls falling from a height of 320 m simultaneously over the hills. This is a must-visit attraction because only during the monsoons, the waterfalls are involved.

  • Arwah Cave: This Sohra district cave offers you a thrill of riches. On entering this cave, it looks like an Indiana Jones spot. Unexpected twists and turns, an atmosphere of pitch black and an aura that produces a mysterious setting. A must-visit for all those seeking adventure.

Things to do: retreat, rejuvenate and relive in nature as it is difficult to find man-made in Cherrapunjee.

Year's best time: October to May

Offer for: Couples and families

Business or Solitude: Seek with your friend total solitude.

3. Udaipur, Rajasthan: A beautiful city. Udaipur is one of India's cultural and historically prosperous cities. Since millennia, the legacy of kings and kingdoms has been passed down. Pleasant weather, iconic palaces and a market where everything is available makes Monsoon the perfect time to visit Udaipur. You can stay at Moustache Hostel Udaipur during your trip.

How to get there:

  • Through Air: The airport of Maharana Pratap is 20 km from Udaipur. A domestic airport to and from Jaipur, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi with flight services.

  • By Rail: Udaipur has two city-wide railway stations, Udaipur City Railway Station and Rana Pratap Nagar Railway Station, with train service from across the country. It's much easier to get to Udaipur.

  • By Road: Udaipur is the intersection of the Golden Quadrilateral and the East-West Corridor. National highways and state highways are well-connected to it.

  • For Local Transportation: vehicles are available for rent, there are unmetered taxis, private taxis and radio taxis. Auto rickshaw is also available as well as local bus services.

Places to visit:

  • Lake Palace: Lake Palace is a major attraction for visitors. A sightseeing norm that should be seen when you visit Udaipur. The palace is situated in the center of the lake on an island and has been home to many kings, including Maharana Jagat Singh II. The palace was once the king's winter resident. The palace is now run as one of their luxury hotels by the Taj Group of Hotels.

  • Monsoon Palace: One of the most impressive attractions is the Monsoon Palace in Udaipur. Located just outside Udaipur on the cliff of the hill of Aravalli. This palace was built to look at the monsoon clouds floating across the Fateh Sagar Lake for just one reason.

  • Mansapurna Karni Ropeway: a cable car ride from Deendayal Park to the Machhala Hill Top to Karni Mata Temple. It is one of Udaipur's most popular tourist destination.

  • Local markets or Bazaars: the most popular shopping items in Rajasthan are artistic handicrafts, rugs and mats. Since the state is the country's cultural capital, there is no denying the fact that with lots of local shops it still maintains bazaars and local markets.

Things to do: Discovery, sight-seeing, shopping and relaxation.

Best time of the year: the tourist season from November (Post Diwali) until the beginning of March (Summer setting). But if you want to explore the city on your own, the best time to visit Udaipur is from July to September in the monsoon.

Ideal for: Couples, Parents, Families, Backpackers.

Finding the right business is tough, but experiencing solitude is easier.

4. Uttarakhand, Valley of Flowers:

How to get there: There is no direct transportation service as a small tourist spot in the Himalayas. In Uttarakhand, rishikesh is also a good location to trip. During your trip, the affordable accommodation is Moustache Hostel Rishikesh to stay.

  • By Air: Dehradun is the closest airport. Taxi and bus services are available from the Dehradun Airport. It's a journey of 310 km.

  • By Rail: Haridwar is the nearest railway station, bus and taxis are available to get to this beautiful trek, Govindghat, starting point.

  • Through Road: Bus and taxi services are available from Haridwar to Govindghat. The trek starts at Govindghat. It's 290 km away.

Places to visit: As such, in Valley of Flowers there is no tourist attraction. But the whole valley is an attraction. Beautiful flowers blooming in the fog and spreading colors over the green landscape giving goosebumps. The valley insignia can be felt at the beginning of the trek itself. Some of this valley's most exotic and unusual flowers bloom.

Things to do: stroll the road. The trail is about 6 km long. This place's flora and fauna are indigenous. Enjoy the sun, surround yourself with God's grace, and get away from the real world to return with a spirit for a few days.

Best time of the year: the best time to visit July through September is considered to be stunning beauty. The temperatures are not high, the weather is good, and the flowers are the flowering season. During this time, the additional treat for your eyes is the dew on the leaves that appears to be pearls from a distance in the sunlight.

Ideal for: seekers of adventure, backpackers, and families.

Love the peace that lasts forever! Find yourself in love and let your thoughts take you to eternal glory.

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