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Tips for Restaurant Blog Marketing

Although there are innumerable ways to market your restaurant, restaurant blog marketing benefits far outweigh other approaches.

Your own restaurant blog turns your website into an interactive hub for customers to find news and business and industry information.

With so many restaurants out there, most of which have websites, its most effective form of marketing stands out. Instantly adding a blog to your restaurant website lets you reach out to clients, putting your business head and shoulders above your competition.

The Restaurant Blog Advertising Profits:

Today, we're exploring the benefits of having a blog on your restaurant website, and how you can make full use of it.

Improvement in Search Engines Ranking:

Updating your website once a week with new, unique content can mean the difference between a Google top 20 ranking and a top ten or even top five ranking.

Search engines like humans prefer websites which are updated regularly. Updating your website with new, unique content once a week can mean the difference between a top 20 Google ranking and a top ten or even top five ranking with a blog.

Blogs are also an incoming link magnet from other websites. If you write content of quality, you will often find links to your posts on other websites.

Search engines love a website that has lots of links coming in. You are seen by search engines as a ' recommendation, ' and the higher the website ranks, the more ' recommendations ' you get.

Promote daily customer interaction:

While personal interaction with a client can be simple when they're inside your restaurant, it's not easy to continue that same personal interaction when they're outside your restaurant. Your options are endless with a blog, however, whether you're posting customer reviews, ' dirty ' pictures of the new meal from your chef, perfect home cook recipes or a personal message from the user.

Using built-in blog functions to upload media such as photos and videos, and enabling your readers to comment on each post, they can engage with you and participate in discussions relating to your business and industry.

You can keep your link and contact with customers with your own blog even if they are not in your restaurant.

If you ask customers to upload their photographs in your restaurant from their evening or ask them to submit their favorite food recipes in a blog post's comments, you can retain your connection and contact with customers even when they are not in your restaurant with your own site.

Generate repeat visitors:

Blogs allow customers to subscribe to updates to come. When subscribed, subscribers are sent an email or an update to their RSS reader each time you update your blog with a new article (depending on the form they used to subscribe).

Creating a subscription list is an excellent tool to attract repeated visits to your website and like any marketing technique, repeated exposure is always valuable for a company.

By using subscriptions to build a daily readership base, you will begin to build your regular dinner base.

Why Blog Marketing Important?

While we might have talked with a blog about the benefits of marketing, we have not discussed why marketing with a blog is beginning to replace traditional marketing techniques.

Good Return on Investment:

Blogs don't cost much to set up, if anything at all, and it doesn't have to be huge time spent in them. In reality ' WordPress ' is the best tool to set up a blog. Because restaurant engine is based on WordPress, it's easier than ever to start your blog.

One article a week may take an hour, and it may take another 20 minutes to respond to comments from readers throughout the week. Due to higher search engine rankings, you gain a base of loyal readers, a place to engage and communicate with customers and potential customers and a potential increase in website visitors and sales.

Good Pre Planned Marketing:

One of the hardest parts of your business marketing is to find the right target. With a website and a blog, it's a thing of the past to worry about who you're targeting because you know that almost everyone hitting your website is doing so because they're looking for a restaurant within your area, usually within the next few days. It results in a well-targeted form of marketing, helping you to hit your intended audience straight to heart.

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