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How to Make Money when Travelling around the World

A lot of people dream of travelling around the world. Sadly, not many can finance this size of journeys, as they can be too costly. While it's true that by checking into budget hostels and buying cheap food you can save money, there are also costs you can't avoid, such as travel insurance and visas for backpackers.

If you want to see the world but have a few financial concerns, you'll be delighted to hear that you can make money while you're on the trip. It allows you to keep up your finances so you can continue to enjoy the journey, but in many cases it can also help you get to know new people, learn new skills and improve your backpacking experience.

English Instruction:

Sometimes you hear of people who teach English as a foreign language. It is a simple, versatile and enjoyable way to fund your trip and helps you to settle in one area as well. Teaching English can be very satisfying and you're sure to make many friends (teachers and students alike!) along the way. In many cases a language school will also provide all sorts of cool bonuses to its em-ployees. This might include more cash in your pocket, or excursions to the nearby exciting places.


It's a great skill to have, as there's always a market around the world for those who can pull a good pint. Even if you have no knowledge of collecting glasses, they will often find you, or give you jobs. This work can be found everywhere, but particularly at backpacker hotspots where the parties never end.

In these places, the turnover of staff is very high as people often travel through, so the work can be flexible and you can meet lots of fun people. Just remember which side of the bar you were on during your changeover!


The availability of Wi-Fi in every corner of the globe ensures that the whole planet can be your workplace. In recent times online work has experienced a sharp rise that has encouraged people to work remotely and on the move. Online job sites such as Peopleperhour, UpWork and many more are superb resources to find easy online jobs that anyone can do to fund their travels. At first it can be competitive and challenging, but once you've acquired a portfolio, the work may soon be coming in. One of the key benefits of online backpacker jobs is being your own boss. This versatility will allow you to schedule the trip around your job.

Work at hostel accomodation: Hostels are always looking for volunteers of English speaking age. You should expect free housing, free food and perhaps even free drinks as remuneration! The research is of-ten as simple as checking in and out individuals, or offering local area advice. Hostels are locations that are very sociable and fun, so you are guaranteed to have a laugh and meet a lot of interesting people. Keep in mind that during this period, you won't earn, so it might be best to consider this as a short-term alternative (unless you make it your new home!).

These are four smart ways to fund your journey and big expenditures such as backpacker travel insurance. Traveling is about action, adventure and off the beaten track. Our travel insurance for backpackers allows you to do just that, and offers the security and trust you need to go out and see the world in all its glory!

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