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Explore Pushkar's Top 5 Attractions

Pushkar is a town in the district of Ajmer, 14 km away from Ajmer's north-west. It's India's oldest city. Lord Brahma's temple is located only in the country in Pushkar. Lord Brahma is also known as the world's creator. It has the 400 temples, palaces, and ghats that give these places ' wonderful sightseeing views. It is named "Tirth Raj" as well. It is on the Pushkar Lake Shore. Some temples are situated which are not very old because many temples have been destroyed. You can visit a wonderful Pushkar destination such as Pushkar Lake, Merta, Pushkar Camel Safari Tour, Brahma Temple, and Man Mahal through Pushkar Tour packages. Some destinations are described here, for example:

Brahma Temple:

It's situated in the Pushkar. The temple was built in the 14th century. It has been located in Pushkar since 2000 years. Lord Brahma's only three temples are found throughout the world and one in India. This temple is made with stabs of marble and stone. Most people are visited on the Kartik Purnima every day, or mostly.


This city is famous for its classical palaces and temples. The 400-year-old Meera Bai Temple is located in Merta, which is one of the most important attractions. There are also other wonderful places such as the Temple of Bhanwal Matta and the Mosque of Aurangzeb. Most travelers are visited every day to see the wonderful view of this city.

Man Mahal:

It is a wonderful palace made by Raja Man Singh I, King of Amber. It's located on Sarovar's eastern side. Now, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation is turning this palace into a tourist hotel and controlling it. You will get the amazing experience of the lakes and temples that are located around the lake when you visit the Man Mahal.

Pushkar Lake:

It's located in the town of Pushkar. It's the Hindus ' holy lake. Fifty-two ghats surround it. There are many people taking a holy bath on Kartik Purnima at the Pushkar festival. You can also capture the beautiful view of this lake in Pushkar. Most of the pilgrimages are visited every day.

Camel Safari Tour of Pushkar :

Rajasthan can be discovered using camel, which is a wonderful experience. This tour offers you the opportunity to enjoy the many villages in the desert and at sunset. Camel safari is the beautiful journey that takes you across the Thar Desert's golden sands. A number of travelers are visited to enjoy the camel safari. During you Pushkar Trip, you can stay at Moustache Hostel Pushkar . It is a leading affordable backpacker hostel in pushkar.

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