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Discover Taj Mahal's Elegance

Taj Mahal is one of the most admired and majestic structures in the world. The monument was designed for Mumtaz Mahal, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan's favorite wife, in Agra, India. The white marble monument was constructed at a time when the Mughal Empire's resources were such that only the finest materials were used for the construction and its embellishment, and when the level of craftsmanship available in northern India was probably superior to that of any previous period. It is said that Emperor Shah Jahan celebrated the anniversary of the death of his wife in the mausoleum, kneeling before the cenotaph of white marble lined with gems and semi-precious stones as prayers were offered for the peace and rest of the soul of the empress. The Taj Mahal's stone flowers, depicted with a realistic stamp and gentle lyricism, captivate the visitor with their grace and colorful freshness, Okado and Joshi write. Flowers and roses are often seen in Islamic culture as representations of Allah's Kingdom. Therefore, the allusion of the Taj Mahal to Paradise can be seen in the flowers motif carved on the mausoleum's funerary chambers, as well as on the inner iwan's plinths. The vases of flowers, followed by berries or bunches of grapes, reflect the abundance that awaits the Paradise faithful. 

The Taj is most beautiful in the relative quiet of the early morning, shrouded in fog and bathed in a soft red glow. As its vast marble surfaces fall into shadow or mirror the light, its color changes, varying from soft gray and yellow to pearly cream and bright white. Visiting at different times is well worth it. This play of light is an important decorative device which symbolically implies the presence of Allah, who is never anthropomorphically depicted. The Taj's sight awash is an amazing sight with the soft pinks of dawn. The Taj stains the sunsets with an exotic orange hue. But nothing beats the Taj's exquisite elegance when the moon's soft silver light bathes the cool white marble. A world wonder shines with awe-inspiring elegance even in the bright light of the day.

Taj mahal is a famous story for his beloved wife etched in stone by an Emperor. Taj mahal's history is a love story for his Queen by a Mughal emperor. The building of this beautiful monument began with the tragic death of the beloved wife of Shahjahan Mumtaz Mahal. Tajmahal Agra is a synonym for India and is the world's most beautiful marble building. This majestic structure is one of earth's most famous monuments to world heritage. The Tajmahal has been established in Agra for more than 350 years and is still an unrivaled beauty in the world. It is assumed that Shahjahan had amputated the hands of the Tajmahal's artisans after the building of this magnificent structure with the fear that they would not be able to build another structure to match the mighty Tajmahal.

The romantic story that inspired Tajmahal's construction strengthens this mausoleum's aesthetic beauty. The majestic beauty, the Taj, is believed to have been designed to hold one out of the four promises Mumtaz had asked Shajahan to fulfill. The Tajmahal thus epitomizes the affection of a man for his wife. Tajmahal is a legendary tale for his beloved wife etched in stone by an Emperor. During you Tajmahal Trip in Agra, you can stay at Moustache Hostel Agra. It is a leading affordable backpacker hostel in agra.

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