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Alcohol Effects in Females Body

Nowadays, alcohol has become a key element for females on many occasions. For starters, it makes them feel more sociable in the celebration occasion; it makes them more famous in the gathering of friends. While people have to be accountable for the mistakes that they drink too much, women are more likely to bear the dangers that alcohol brings to them.

It is reported that women who have more than 7 drinks a week are at high risk of car accidents and other traumatic injuries, stroke, hypertension, and suicide. Besides, for women who drink too much in the daily life, they are more likely to abuse alcohol and other substances in order to escape some problems that they meet, such as depression, stress, anxiety, or some emotional difficulties.

Besides that too much drink can also cause some health risks for the female.

First, the weight gain can be caused by drinking too much. A female body contains less water than a man's and more fatty tissue. When a woman consumes too much alcohol, fat in the body absorbs alcohol while water dilutes it, so that alcohol remains in a woman's body for longer periods of time in higher concentrations, exposing her brain and other organs to more alcohol.

So too much drink will fatter you and make you fatter.

Second, it can cause certain breast cancers. According to the study, only one drink a day can increase the risk of breast cancer for some women, especially those with a family history of this disease. An additional 10 grams of alcohol per day is estimated to increase the risk of developing breast cancer by about 10 percent over a lifetime. In fact, too much alcohol can also lead to liver disease, brain disease and heart disease.

Third, drinking too much is likely to cause the severe damage not only to themselves but also to the new babies for pregnant women. If a pregnant woman drinks, the alcohol passes to her fetus through the placenta. In the developing digestive system of the fetus, it breaks down much more slowly than in the adult body, which ensures that the blood alcohol level of the fetus will remain high for longer periods of time. So the new babies will have low birth weight, eating and sleeping difficulties, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, or even malformation.

Last but not least, in women with gynecological diseases that are mostly caused by inflammation, alcohol may activate the affected organs, which may intensify the symptoms. Therefore if women have disorders such as PID, Falopian tube complications, endometriosis, endometriosis, adenomyosis, you need to keep away from it.

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