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9 Best Travel Tips For Your Next Vacations

Okay, you might have a true wanderer's spirit but at the time planning for a trip can be really exhausting. It might be exasperatingly frustrating and can bring down the mood altogether.

We have carefully curated a list of super-smart travel hacks after years of traveling and listening to travel experience that can potentially change your life for good if you are so passionate about it. This hot-shot tips and tricks can really make you spin without adding a lot to your spending.

So, let's prepare you for your next tour with these simple tricks you'll be falling for:

Download the Offline use of Google Maps:

Forget about getting lost, this is never going to happen with Google Maps. Just make some space on your phone and download Google Maps and find your travel location. Then just type "ok map" into the search and press Download. Now, even when you don't have internet connectivity, you would be able to access the ways in and around that area.

Less the weight of your equipment and bring it over you:

Well, that means you're going to have to wear your heaviest coats, jackets, sweaters and shoes if you've got your luggage overweight than the airline's baggage rules. These are the things that you could take off whilst sitting properly. Trust me, those airlines will actually charge you exorbitantly over the exempted weight for carrying your luggage.

Please take a pillowcase and a shower hat with you:

Well, this sound is really unconventional, but it's just because you don't see the pillowcase and shower cap as we do. With the case, you can do multiple things like-put your clothes in it and make it a comfortable pillow for your trip, pack your puffy jacket into it and save some space, use it to hold any extra pair of clothes in case there is no room left in the mallet. Shower caps make great coverings for shoes that keep your clothes and luggage nice and clean.

Dryer Sheet:

If you're up for a few long travel plans then you always have to keep a dryer sheet with you. The dryer sheet is designed to keep your laundry clothes, since they can literally make the entire suitcase stinky. Or you can even throw in your stuff a tiny bar of soap, shower gel or nice body roll-on to keep it smelling nice.

Have downloaded all the important documents with you:

Well, you could get into serious trouble if there's a problem like this where you lose your documents. That is something to which you should always be prepared. But not as the world goes mobile anymore, so should you. Just keep scanning all your documents, such as your passport, ID, tickets, booking vouchers, hotel tickets, visas, driver's license, Aadhar Card, etc. This way you wouldn't even need to physically carry the documents, because they are almost accepted everywhere. Email this folder to yourself and store it on the web, and under all conditions you will always have them with you.

Be a good giver:

What if you were able to save some extra bucks on the basic expenses and spend them on things that you would enjoy. Okay, that you should. It just depends on you preparing your budget very carefully and how smart you are with your purchases. All you need is to be a bit internet-savvy and check discounts on different websites for booking hotels, buses and flight tickets. By using valid discount vouchers and coupon codes, you'll surely save some extra bucks.

Keep your stuff scattered around various locations:

Don't stress yourself by keeping all the important documents and money in one place so you're always panicky, stressful, and easily freaked out if it's missing or stolen. Yeah, you've got to keep your records, jewellery, cash and Identification cards all at different locations so if you're unfortunately out of luck you could do something about it. Also, don't carry a lot of cash with you, just keep your debit and credit cards safe and so payment accounts online.

Place a delicate adhesive on your luggage:

When you put a "fragile"-stick on your luggage, it will not only be handled with extra care, but it will also be placed at the top of the luggage stack on the plane. Therefore it will be first put on the conveyor belt. Yeah, and you won't have to wait longer, and you'll be out of the airport before it begins to get crowded.

Don't just throw away bottles of water:

Well, yea, you always have to have one with you. Buying expensive water bottles whenever you feel thirsty would be dumb. You can just carry on and refill your luggage. Like leaving the airport or checking out the hotel room or after having dinner at a restaurant.
When you can't find a socket near you or have forgotten the connector at home, one thing that is a lifesaver is that most TVs have a backward USB port and you can conveniently use it to charge all your electronics.

Other Inventive Tips:

Choose BnB over highly prized hotels, get booked flight tickets for odd times as night and get them at nearly half the price, create new accounts to take advantage of special discounts, rent cabs from non-airport cities.

Pack your stuff smart:

Roll your clothes in your suitcase instead of folding them and holding them one over the other. Rolling helps you bring in more things.

Just have a few medications like one with you for mild headache, fatigue, stomach pain, nausea, fever and cold.

Always carry a full charged power bank with you. You stop and have access to electricity at every point, making it a point to charge your electricity bank.

So, keep these simple tricks in mind next time so you're up for a better and stress-free ride. During you vacations, for stay, you can choose Moustache Hostel. It is the best backpacker hostel chain in India.

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